A record of the Sportsman's Battalions during the First World War, including a database of soldiers who enlisted in - or served with - the 23rd, 24th and 30th Royal Fusiliers, originally raised by Mrs. Emma Cunliffe-Owen in September 1914. If you have any questions or comments, please send to fmsketches@macbrem.com, thanks!

October 2, 1914

Birmingham Evening Despatch

Birmingham Daily Post




There was only a small response in Birmingham yesterday to the call for recruits, the total number of men enlisted being 127.

[…] Since September 8 recruiting has been proceeding for the Sportsman’s Active Service Battalion, the members of which are being drawn from the ranks of sportsmen all over the country, such as hunting men, golfers, cricketers, and participants in other outdoor recreations. The unit is intended for active service, and will be fully equipped with transport, ambulance, and field guns. The headquarters are in London, but branch recruiting offices have been opened in Northampton, Nottingham, Bristol, Exeter, and the call will go out to Exeter tomorrow. In Birmingham, at the Stork Hotel yesterday, about thirty recruits presented themselves soon after the office was opened, and during the day about twenty additional members were enrolled. Owing to the satisfactory response the enrolment will be proceeded with again to-day. The battalion is already nearing full strength, the men including many who saw active service both in the commissioned and non-commissioned ranks during the South African war.

The men will examined and sworn in at the various stations on October 9, and those who pass will go into camp near London three days later.

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