A record of the Sportsman's Battalions during the First World War, including a database of soldiers who enlisted in - or served with - the 23rd, 24th and 30th Royal Fusiliers, originally raised by Mrs. Emma Cunliffe-Owen in September 1914. If you have any questions or comments, please send to fmsketches@macbrem.com, thanks!

February 13, 1915

Daily Express



We have received the following letter from Colonel A. de B. V. Paget, commanding the 2nd Sportsman’s Battalion, recruits for which are expected by Mrs. Cunliffe-Owen, the chief recruiting officer, to pay not less than three guineas each: —

To the Editor of the “ Daily Express.”
     Sir.—With reference to the paragraph in to-day’s “Daily Express” headed "Mrs. Cunliffe-Owen's appeals,” I beg to state that the appeal for funds to the recruits of the 2nd Sportsman’s Battalion was issued without my knowledge or approval, and that I deprecate in the strongest manner communications passing between the organisers of the battalion and the non-commissioned officers and men without my knowledge.
               A. DE B. V. PAGET. Colonel, Commanding 24th (S) Bn. Royal Fusiliers (2nd Sportsman's).
     Hotel Cecil, Feb. 12

Three appeals from Mrs. Cunliffe-Owen, “Chief Recruiting Officer ” of the Sportsman’s Battalions, for contributions to the funds under her control have been quoted in the “Daily Express."

One was to members of the 1st Battalion, another to those of the 2nd Battalion, and the third to a private householder.

In the appeal to the 2nd Battalion, which Colonel Paget repudiates, Mrs. Cunliffe-Owen not merely asked all the rank and file to “help me as much as possible.” but added. “Will you get as many of your friends to help me as you can ?”

Colonel Viscount Maitland, commanding the 1st Battalion, has already repudiated Mrs. Cunliffe-Owen’s three-guinea tax.”

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