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December 19, 1914

Glasgow Daily Record



Recruiting in Glasgow cannot be said to be brisk, although a slight improvement was reported yesterday. At the Army Recruiting Office, Gallowgate, 59 men enlisted, as compared with 76 on Friday of last week.

Yesterday only half a dozen recruits came forward to join the Sportsmen’s Battalion. Captain Westhead, who is in charge of the recruiting for this battalion openly expresses himself as disappointed at the result of this second visit to Glasgow. He has only enrolled 19 recruits since he reopened his office at the Central Station Hotel on Monday.

The office will be open to-day, but will close for good at 6 p.m.

“The complaint of the ‘Daily Record,’ ” he stated, “that recruiting, generally, is not so brisk as the needs of the situation call for, is borne out by my experience this week.

“Probably there are many eligible men who think at this season of ease and a holiday. What of the men in the trenches? Will there be a holiday there? It would seem difficult to bring the situation really home to the minds of the manhood of the nation. Here is an extract from a letter written by a private direct from the trenches:-

“ ‘We are sitting on the edge of bomb-proof trenches. All our company’s officers are either wounded or dead. If there is a man skulking to preserve to himself a few years of life, let him imagine us burying our dead and setting our teeth as we face Maxim fire galore, rifles innumerable, and shells by the hundreds. And still we stick on unrelieved! We want men to fill the gaps! We want men to relieve men – men that need shaving and re-booting. And I make this appeal because I am with those fighting the fiercest on the German flanks.”

The following are the details of recruiting in Glasgow available last night:-






Sportsman’s Battalion . . . . . . .






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