A record of the Sportsman's Battalions during the First World War, including a database of soldiers who enlisted in - or served with - the 23rd, 24th and 30th Royal Fusiliers, originally raised by Mrs. Emma Cunliffe-Owen in September 1914. If you have any questions or comments, please send to fmsketches@macbrem.com, thanks!

November 3, 1914

Edinburgh Evening News


During the past week 90 men were enisted in Scotland for the Sportsmen’s Battalion of the Royal Fusiliers, and only 30 are now needed to complete the battalion. Captain C. G. Westhead, who has established his recruiting quarters at the Royal Hotel in Princes Street, Edinburgh, during this week, hopes to enrol without delay all the men now required. This battalion, which is under the command of Viscount Maitland, son of the Earl of Lauderdale, offers exceptional facilities to men of fine physique accustomed to outdoor life; sporting gentlemen, stalkers, and ghillies are alike eligible. Lord Kitchener, in consideration of the special qualities of these recruits, has permitted recruiting of men up to 45 years of age, and though height standard has been fixed at a minimum of 5ft. 9in., it is to be understood that if a man is suitable otherwise a little shortage in height might be overlooked. Captain Westhead states that he could have got all the men he wanted from the applicants in Glasgow, but he desires that the remainder should be drawn from the East and North of Scotland.

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